Non-Sustainable Palm Oil – A Kratom Perspective


Burning over a painstaking 5 month period, Indonesia’s fires were named the world’s worst environmental disaster of 2015.  Coverage of the fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan were almost absent on western mainstream media.

The reason these fires occurred was due to illegal clearing of land for palm oil and paper production, where the fragile habitat of endangered species such as orangutans, elephants and tigers was destroyed. Recently one of our very own Living Botanics team members visited an Orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo, witnessing their refugee status firsthand. These Orangutans are the lucky few who have been saved, unfortunately many die from smoke inhalation, burns and lack of food.

Not only was the environment affected due to the fires in Indonesia, at least 19 people died and over 500,000 people were treated for respiratory related infections from the 117,000 fires burnt between July – November 2015.

This link shows you an interactive time map of the fires throughout Kalimantan and Sumatra and how fast these fires quickly got our of hand:

09-2014-05-28 15.58.03Indonesia Fires

Our Stance

The Living Botanics team do not in any way support the illegal clearing of land and deforestation. At all times, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of their ethical practices and production. Kratom trees are never cut down nor cleared in the making of their Kratom products. In fact, only the most mature Kratom leaves are carefully picked from every tree, ensuring each plant is 100% sustainable and continues its growth. Living Botanics is proud to be a 100% sustainable company so that’s peace of mind for our customers who also value our precious environment.

What you can do?

  • Boycot products that use non-sustainable palm oil: A list of products containing palm oil can be found here:

  • Donate to a worthy cause

  • Spread the news on social media

Forward our blog or any other informative information to reach the masses



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