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The Fresh Flavors and Scents of the Archipelago

What is Living Botanics?

Living Botanics is a source of freshly harvested, unadulterated botanicals from small makers and growers around the Indonesian Archipelago. The relationship between plants and people is central to the people of the Archipelago, botanics are an integral part of their lives. The Archipelago abounds with food-producing plants; drink-producing plants; healing and medicinal plants and perfume-producing plants. Working with plant-based food and drink producers, alchemists, scent distillers and herbalists we bring them direct from the island producers to the modern city.

Why we have the freshest botanicals

Unlike many botanicals, all Living Botanics leaves, stems, berries, seeds, flowers, roots and barks, were packed in the same season in which they were sustainably harvested. They are couriered fresh from our island producers to the Living Botanics regional plant hub in Bali. This ensures you get the freshest, beneficial botanics direct from the producer, no tired botanicals which have been hanging around losing their flavor, aroma and beneficial properties in warehouses. All Living Botanics ship worldwide direct from Bali.

The Archipelago

The land and sea area of The Archipelago exceed 2 million square kilometres extending along the Equator for more than 5,000 km (3,200 miles) and extending 2,200 km (1,400 miles) in its greatest north-south dimension. It is the world’s largest group of islands, consisting of over 18,000 islands, and offering the greatest source of plant diversity in the world..