Terms and Conditions



How long will my order take to ship?

Depending on your location, orders will take between 2-7 business days.

How can I calculate my shipping cost?

We ship our products worldwide for free.

Can you do same day shipping?

For Same Day Shipping, your orders will need to be dropped (an order is dropped when it is automatically submitted and accepted by the warehouse) before 5:30 AM in the destination warehouse’s time zone.

Can orders be modified after they are placed?

Shipment processing is made promptly after goods are purchased. Should you need to modify your order please email info@livingbotanics.com as soon as possible. If the product has already been dispatched from our warehouse unfortunately modification of purchasing is not possible and you will need to make a return (see return section below).  


What form of payment do you accept?

  • Interac (Canada)
  • MoneyGram (worldwide)
  • Google Wallet (US)
  • Bitcoin (worldwide)
  • Bank transfer (worldwide)

Privacy Policy and Disclosure:

The seller livingbotanics.com does not sell, rent or share personal information with any third party. The information you give us is totally confidential, and will not be sold or given to any individual or company or organization under any circumstances. This is our simple promise to you. Please note that we do not store your financial details. Credit card information is passed directly to the payment processor.  


Do you accept product returns or exchanges?

On all catalog items we require that the customer contact us within at least thirty (30) days of receipt of product in order to qualify for refund or exchange.

Living Botanics does not assume the responsibility of return shipping costs on any merchandise (defective or otherwise.)  All orders are thoroughly inspected at Living Botanics and adequately packed before shipment.

Living Botanics does assume the responsibility for the quality of our goods upon arrival to the customer.  Living Botanics does assume the responsibility for shipping costs on product exchanges when shipped to the customer.

NOTICE:  All return requests are to be accompanied by the original product (defective or otherwise) in unopened and untampered condition in order for the customer to qualify for a refund.  All Living Botanics products are packaged in heat sealed zip-locks.  This seal cannot be broken in order for a product to qualify for refund.  Living Botanics reserves the right to refuse product refunds on questionable returns and does not offer refunds on opened products.

In order to quality for an exchange or store credit, Living Botanics requires a return of the original product.  While we do not require that a product returned for store credit be in unopened and untampered condition, we do reserve the right to refuse return requests.  Living Botanics also reserves the right to deny an exchange or credit upon inspection of any returned merchandise.

I have a question about returns or credits, who should I contact?

Please email the customer service team at info@livingbotanics.com  

Credit Card Fraud

Fraudulent orders include, but are not limited to, orders placed using a credit card that is not yours or one which you do not have permission to use. The use of a parents or legal guardian’s credit card by a minor without the consent of the parent or legal guardian is a crime. It is classified as a felony. All such orders will be prosecuted by the seller to the fullest extent of the law. All financial responsibility including, but not limited to, attorney fees, court fees, fines and/or any other applicable fees shall be the full responsibility of the fraudulent party.   Living Botanics Ltd. 1559 Crown Isle Drive Courtenay BC V9N4B2 Canada E-mail: info@livingbotanics.com Phone: +1 (250) 334-8802